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Exciting times, a new puppy has arrived and your bundle of fun can do no wrong, but after a few days things are beginning to turn to worms.


This 3 week course is designed to give you a head start with your puppy's education before they are fully vaccinated.  It will cover house training, lead training, crate training, feeding, recall, and much, much more.  I will also show you how to prepare your puppy for the (sometimes scary) outside world.  There will also be time for any questions you may have.  This course is ideal for first time puppy owners and will offer telephone support between sessions.  Experienced owners will also find it useful to.


You can arrange a course at a time to suit you.  If you would like to know more please call 07564 475430 or email me at anne@easystepsdogtraining.co.uk











If you want to make sure your group is still on, please go to our Facebook page, this Website or call me on 07564 475430.


There will be training on Sunday 5 June 22


There will be no training on the following dates:


Thursday 2 June

Sunday 12 June 22

Thursday 23 June 22

Sunday 10 July 22





My next puppy group with availability is due to start on Thursday 14 July 22

Start time 6pm

Please email or call for

further details


Call 07564 475430





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