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I was first introduced to training dogs when I joined the local dog training club with my Miniture Poodle called Cindy, and when she retired I bought my first Border Collie.  I have been training dogs and their owners  for over 40 years and have competed successfully in obedience and agility.  Gradually over time my first love became the sport of working trials in which I now regularly compete.


My current two dogs, Izzie (now retired) and Molly have both competed successfully in working trials.  Izzie has won 4 working trials tickets, giving her the chance to compete at the Kennel Club Championships in 4 consecutive years, and earning her the title of Working Trials Champion.  Molly, although a relatively new comer to trials, has also qualified TDex.  I am a Kennel Club approved Championship judge for Trials and have judged and helped at many events throughout the UK.

Teaching people how to progress their puppy’s/dog’s education has become a passion. The last 40 years has seen me teaching puppies to be well balanced members of the family, adult dogs to become Good Citizens and helping owners to understand their dogs.   




Easy Steps Dog Training has suspended all training groups, 1 to 1 sessions and dog walking.  This will be reviewed at the end of April. If you are currently training with us you can contact us for any advice regarding your puppy's/dog's training.  Updates will appear on this website and our Facebook page.   Wishing you well in these worrying times.                                       


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