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Welcome to Easy Steps Dog Training and Pet Services website.  We currently offer dog training, puppy groups, dog walking and pet sitting in Burbage, Hinckley and the surrounding areas.   Our friendly and reliable services are all tailored to suit you and your pets individual needs. 




You have decided to get a puppy.  You’ve done your research on which breed will fit into your family.  Will they need lots of exercise, or will they be a couch potato.  Most gundog and working breeds will need more exercise, and things to do to keep them on the straight and narrow.  The day has arrived when you are to bring your new addition home. Everyone is excited, you have prepared your house for their arrival, the shopping is complete and you have their food, a soft bed, a new lead and collar/harness, complete with identity tag, and lots and lots of toys.  Everything a puppy might like to chew is put out of reach and things that may harm them such as electric cables are made inaccessible.


Training starts as soon as you bring your puppy home, toilet training, coming to call, sitting for their meals, social visits with visitors, short trips in the car and how to behave at the vets.  This can all be achieved in a fun and positive way. 


The vaccinations are now complete and your puppy is allowed to mix with other puppies and dogs so your attention is focused on finding a puppy group.  Here at Easy Steps Dog Training we believe in getting puppies into a training group as soon as possible.  From vaccination to 20 weeks a puppy learns very quickly, and at this stage of their education is crucial in providing them with social skills for life. We achieve this using food based rewards, and actively encourage the whole family to take part in the training sessions. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun training your puppy.







If you want to make sure your group is still on, please go to our Facebook page, this Website or call me on 07564 475430.


There will be no training on Sunday 17 July 22


There will be no training on the following dates:







My next puppy group with availability is due to start on Thursday 18 August 22

Start time 6pm

Please email or call for

further details


Call 07564 475430





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