Easy Steps Dog Training
Easy Steps Dog Training

Izzie completing the scale at Scarborough Championship trial


Working trials are extremely demanding for both dog and handler, but at the same time great fun and very rewarding.  They offer us an insight into how dogs use their noses to track and search.   They also test a dog’s physical ability together with their obedience skills.

If you would like to know more about Working Trials, how to find trials to visit, where the nearest training facilities are to you or courses being held throughout the year please e-mail me for details.

Below Izzie completing a 9ft long jump at Essex 2000 KCC's






In person puppy groups will start in April

The first group is planned for Thursday 8 April

Start time 6pm

Please email or call for

further details


Call 07564 475430





I have now contacted everyone on my contacts list via email.

If you haven't heard from me please send me an email. 

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